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How to Make the Perfect Espresso Coffee at Home?

January 22, 2019

How to Make the Perfect Espresso Coffee at Home?

Making espresso coffee at home is not that hard as long as you practice, all you need is just to know the formula and that’s it, you have yourself a nice batch of espresso to enjoy. Here’s the tips you need to know:

Select only top-quality beans

You need to find the best beans on the market to have a great espresso. You can do your research both online and offline to identify coffee roasters nearby with great reputations. Get in touch with them and ask for samples. Take samples from a few roasters and see which one satisfies you since their taste will surely vary.

You need high heat for better flavor

You need to understand the working of a coffee bean when the flavors are extracted. Normally these beans contain a substantial amount of oil (about 12%) so in order to get through this and get the nice flavors a good amount of heat and pressure are necessary. Temperatures of about 198 to 201 degrees are required with about 9 bars (131 pounds) of pressure so as to unlock the flavors. How do you achieve this? By getting the right machine, so don’t skimp on the money for an espresso machine if you want making espresso coffee at home to be enjoyable.

Get a top-class espresso maker for the fine grind

Espresso is difficult to make at home because you need the espresso coffee grind for it. It is a type of fine grind that gives the unique flavor that espresso lovers enjoy the most.

Look for the crema

In case you don’t know, crema is the layer of foam that can always be found at the top of your cup of espresso. It is actually the dissolved solids and oils that happen as a result of extraction. Its appearance varies depending on the blend, pressure and temperature of an espresso machine.

The crema usually takes a third to a half of the shot glass and you should preserve it. You can do so either by drinking the shot once the extraction is done or by adding in warm milk and/or syrup. You should act fast since you won’t get enough time once the shot is pulled.

 Carefully mix your flavors for an amazing taste

Also pay close attention to the flavors because your espresso’s taste will mainly depend on them. So if you’re preparing a vanilla latte, for instance, make sure you’ve used the best vanilla syrup on the market.

Implement these ideas for the best espresso at home. Remember to get a machine that can provide the required amount of temperature and pressure to make your espresso as close to perfection as possible.

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